R-PRO Black Edition Sim Racing Cockpit

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The R-PRO Black Edition is the best option for sim racers wanting a rock solid 80x40 aluminium profile sim rig at a market-beating low price.

Read more about the features that make the R-PRO unique below.

Compatible Racing Wheels | R-PRO

Fanatec CSL DD (5Nm)

Fanatec CSL DD (8Nm)

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheelbase (5Nm)

Fanatec Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheelbase (8Nm)

Fanatec CSL DD Racing Wheel WRC for XBOX & PC (8Nm)

Fanatec Clubsport DD (12Nm)


Moza R3

Moza R5

Moza R9

Moza R12

Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel

Logitech G923

Logitech G29 / G920

Logitech G27

Asetek SimSports La Prima 12Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase

Asetek SimSports Forte 18Nm Direct Drive Wheelbase


Simagic Alpha Mini

Simagic Alpha

Thrustmaster T-GT / T-GT II

Thrustmaster TS-XW / TS-PC

Thrustmaster T818 (via Cockpit Mounting Kit)

Thrustmaster TX

Thrustmaster T300 / T500

Compatible Pedals | R-PRO

Fanatec CSL Elite v2

Fanatec CSL LC

Fanatec Clubsport v3

Moza SRP

Moza CRP

Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals 

Logitech G923 Pedals

Logitech G29 / G920 Pedals

Logitech G27 Pedals

Asetek Forte Pedals

Asetek Forte S-Series Pedals

Asetek La Prima Pedals


Simagic P1000

Thrustmaster T-LCM

Thrustmaster T3PM

Thrustmaster T3PA

Thrustmaster T3PA PRO

R-PRO Black Edition Sim Racing Cockpit

Experience professional sim racing with the Upshift R-PRO Black Edition sim rig, constructed from ROCK SOLID 80x40mm aluminium profiles. This Black Edition of the R-PRO has the profiles finished anodised in stylish matte black colour, which gives the rig a striking & purposeful appearance.

Aluminium profiles provide the highest strength & rigidity, as well as exceptional levels of adjustment. Despite the R-PRO's profiles being very strong, their aluminium alloy is also incredibly lightweight, so the R-PRO is very strong without being unnecessarily heavy. Furthermore, the R-PRO was designed to be compact and ergonomic size, which means it is suitable for both smaller rooms as well as larger spaces.

As well as being very strong, the R-PRO's 8040 aluminium profile construction also provides incredible levels of adjustment, because of its full length T-channels. These give you unmatched flexibility to setup the rig up to your liking, and make even the most subtle of fine tuning adjustments, ensuring that you will find the right driving position, whoever you are.
In racing, getting the perfect driving position is key to getting the fastest laps, so it's important that you're comfortable in the rig and so able to give your full focus to racing — this versatility is important when it comes to setting up your sim gear, so it makes the R-PRO sim rig a perfect investment for any sim racer. 

Another main advantage of the R-PRO's aluminium profile construction is its modularity — using industry standard 40-series aluminium profiles means the rig is widely compatible and expandable with a large range of accessories, Upshift brand and from many other manufacturers too. Consequently, the R-PRO is also a great choice for future proofing, because as your setup evolves, the R-PRO can evolve with it, making the R-PRO a good investment that will serve you for years to come.

Our objective with the R-PRO was to produce a very strong, highly adjustable sim rig that crucially is quick & easy to build, that has the high quality & functionality you expect from a top tier sim rig, all provided at the lowest possible price. Every component of the R-PRO was designed & selected for ease of assembly, ease of adjustment with uncompromising strength and rigidity for a zero flex sim racing experience. 

Get a realistic feel with the R-PRO's rigid frame and adjustable seating position —control your ride with precision and confidence, all at an unbeatable low price!

Widely Compatible

The R-PRO is ready for racing! We've made it compatible with all the major sim racing wheels and pedals on the market.
Yes, the R-PRO is drilled for all major sim brands, so it is compatible with all your favourite wheels and pedals. Simply bolt your wheel and pedals directly into the precision drilled holes and hit the race track!

One Piece Drilled Wheel Plate

The R-PRO includes a thick single-piece steel wheel plate with integrated mounting brackets incorporated into the sides of the structure, for super easy attachment and adjustments, finished in black color.

The R-PRO's wheel plate is pre-drilled for all major racing wheels including Fanatec, Logitech, Moza, Asetek, Thrustmaster, Simagic and more, so you can easily & conveniently mount your wheel to the rig, and have it firmly bolted in place. Furthermore, 6mm thickness steel means the wheel plate is designed for maximum strength & rigidity.

The R-PRO's wheel plate is highly adjustable too, with height adjustment, distance adjustment (back and forth) and angle adjustment too, so you really can adjust and fine tune its position to your preference. Making these adjustments to the R-PRO's wheel plate is quick and easy, giving you maximum convenience to make adjustments when needed.

To view the full list of compatible wheels, click here.

One Piece Drilled Pedal Plate

Similarly, the R-PRO includes a solid steel single-piece pedal plate, pre-drilled for all major pedal sets, with horizontally elongated slot holes for mounting your pedals, which allows you to make horizontal adjustments & fine tune your pedal positioning!

Compatible brands of pedals include Fanatec, Logitech, Moza, Asetek, Simagic, Thrustmaster and more.

The R-PRO's pedal plate is a single piece of 5mm thick steel, with integrated mounting brackets incorporated into the design, finished in black color. This elegant single piece design means the rig's assembly is very straight forward and quick, plus it also means that any adjustments/fine tuning is also quick and easy - because the integrated mounting brackets are incorporated into the pedal plate's structure, you simply loosen the bolts and the plate can be adjusted/removed altogether. Ultimate convenience and knowledge that you can make speedy adjustments when needed - another main advantage of the R-PRO.

The pedal plate again can be adjusted for its height, distance (back and forth) and for angle by installing the included pair of High Rise Extender Profiles (more information below) to raise the pedals and get some serious angle! Unlike some competitors who provide brackets with a fixed set of heights, the R-PRO High Rise profile pieces allow you to position the pedals at any height, for maximum refinement.

To view the full list of compatible pedals, click here.

Dimensions | R-PRO Black Edition

Length: 120cm

Width: 58cm

Height: 68cm

The R-PRO is designed to be highly adjustable, to suit a wide range of users.

The R-PRO is 1.2m in length, and 58cm wide. Its compact size means it is suitable for use in small spaces, without compromising on strength or adjustability.

The R-PRO has a maximum height of 68cm at the uprights (measured from the floor to the top of the uprights). You can fully adjust the height of your wheel plate on these uprights, as well as the position of the uprights, allowing the rig to suit a very wide range of users.

Maximum recommended user height:
194cm / 6ft 4in

Rock Solid

The R-PRO's supreme strength comes from its industrial grade 80x40mm aluminium profiles, chosen especially because of their high rigidity & durability. In this Black Edition of the R-PRO, the profiles are finished in an anodised matte black colour for a striking and purposeful appearance. Anodising was chosen over powder coating because the anodisation process provides a better, more durable and scratch-resistant finish compared to other powder coated competitors.

High grade fasteners and connectors were selected to maximise rigidity of the rig and remove flex. The wheel plate and pedal plate are equally very rigid: both are thick plates constructed from steel to give your wheel and pedals a solid foundation.

Quick & Easy to Assemble

We ensured the R-PRO is fastest and most straight forward sim rig to assemble in its class.

A major focus for us was to make the R-PRO as easy & quick to build as possible, and we proudly achieved this through a variety of processes — by thoroughly reviewing and optimising every element of the rig's design & the selection of connectors, as well as through custom designing & manufacturing bespoke one-piece wheel plates and pedal plates with integrated mounting brackets incorporated into their structure, so installing them is as simple as inserting a few bolts!

We also produced a detailed, step-by-step assembly manual that guides you through each and every step of the rig's assembly. Optionally, we are also happy to print the manual for you and insert a paper-copy into the boxes for you, free of charge - when you order, just requested the printed manual and we will include it in the box for you.
Our priority is to ensure you've all the guidance you need to have an enjoyable & speedy assembly process of your R-PRO.

Making the R-PRO simple and quick to assemble was a major priority for us. Some other aluminium profile rigs on the market are poorly designed, using cheaper parts (and more parts, which means overall theirs take far more time to assemble) and are poorly engineered with poor & over-complicated designs, which result in a vastly increased assembly time and frustrating assembly process. By contrast, each & every component of the R-PRO was optimised for ease of assembly and ease of adjustment, as well as maximising strength and rigidity for a zero flex sim racing experience.

As a guideline, the R-PRO takes approximately 2 hours to assemble - if you're comfortable assembling flat packs (like from IKEA) then you'll be able to do it a little faster than this, or if you're not experienced then it may take a little longer. Our detailed instruction guide walks you through the whole process, and our team of sim racing experts are also available to help you if required, and our proven track record of providing excellent customer service proves this.

Highly Adjustable

Everybody is different, so it's important that a sim rig is highly adjustable so that you can fine-tune it to your preference. The R-PRO excels at this.

The R-PRO has nearly limitless adjustments — you can adjust the positioning of the wheel uprights, the position, angle & height adjustments for both the wheel plate and the pedal plate, as well as position and width of seat mounting assembly.

The included 8040 High Rise Extender Profiles for the pedal plate allow you to add angle to your pedal plate, with angles over 20 degrees easily achievable. Alternatively, if you want to run with the pedal plate flat, you can re-purpose these High Rise Extender Profiles and use them elsewhere on the rig - we give you the freedom and choice to do what you prefer!

All of these huge range of adjustments really helps you optimise the your driving position and the position of your wheel and pedals, helping you focus on your racing and finding that last tenth of a second!


Both the R-PRO's wheel plate and pedal plate are custom designed specifically for the R-PRO, and feature integrated mounting brackets, so the whole structure is one single piece — this makes adjustments super quick and easy, simply a matter of loosening and tightening a few bolts. This supreme convenience sets the R-PRO apart from its competition, and is hugely advantageous compared to other sim rigs; we realise the importance of adjusting & fine tuning your driving position and want to ensure the process is as easy & quick as possible, without compromising on strength.

Furthermore, the seating position can be adjusted with ease, as all of our seats include a seat slider, so you simply lift the bar and the seat slides backwards/forwards like in a car, fantastic for making quick adjustments, especially if there are multiple people using the rig who are different heights.

We're completely confident that there isn't any other rig on the market that provides as much adjustability, strength & rigidity as the R-PRO for as low a price.


Another key aspect of the R-PRO is its modularity and adjustability, because of its 8040 T-slot aluminium profile construction.

8040 is part of the 40-series of aluminium profile (4040, 8040, 12040, 16040... are all part of the same 40-series), so this means that the R-PRO is very customizable and expandable with a huge range of third party accessories, as well as our own official accessories.

This essentially means the R-PRO is very easy to adapt when you change your setup - if you change wheel, expand to triple monitors, buy a new shifter or add a ButtKicker, you simply add or exchange parts. This means the R-PRO will be a future proof sim rig that can be adapted to your setup as it changes, which makes the R-PRO a great investment for any sim racer.

Customise your R-PRO with a large & expanding range of accessories from Upshift, or alternatively, many accessories from other major sim racing rig brands are also compatible with the R-PRO.

The R-PRO's rigid frame and highly adjustable driving position helps provide a realistic feel, allowing you to control your ride with precision and confidence - all at an unbeatable price!

Bundle offer | R-PRO + RS1 Recline Seat

Benefit from an exclusive bundle saving when you purchase the R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig with one of our Sim Racing Seats.

To get this discount, when purchasing your R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig, you will be asked to select a seat choice - you simply select our RS1 Recline Seat Seat and you will benefit from the discounted price.

Learn more about the RS1 Recline Seat below:

What's included | R-PRO Black Edition

Everything you need to assemble the R-PRO is included in the box.

The R-PRO ships as a full kit ready for self-assembly, complete with the necessary tools and a detailed instruction set. Full contents list below:

  • High grade 80x40mm aluminium profiles with black anodised finish
  • Pre-drilled single piece solid steel wheel plate with integrated mounting brackets, finished in black color
  • Pre-drilled single piece solid steel pedal plate with elongated slot holes and integrated mounting brackets, finished in black color
  • High Rise Extender Profiles for pedal plate (8040 profiles with black anodised finish)
  • All fixings and connectors (T-nuts, black bolts, black washers, black corner brackets, black end caps)
  • All tools required for assembly (hexagon/allen keys)
  • Step-by-step assembly manual to help make the assembly of your R-PRO sim rig as easy as possible.
    We also offer customers the option of requesting a physical printout of the assembly manual, free of charge.

To help make the assembly of your R-PRO sim rig as easy as possible, we have produced a thorough, step-by-step user manual which details how to approach each step. We also give our valued customers the option of requesting a physical printout of the assembly guide - we realise that some people prefer to have physical copies of the instructions in front of them, so we will gladly provide you a bound copy of the user manual free of charge with your order. Alternatively, the user manual is of course available online as a PDF.