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The Asetek Forte Direct Drive wheelbase is designed to provide the best value-for-money high-powered premium Direct Drive wheelbases. The Forte Direct Drive wheelbase is capable of 18Nm peak torque which is definitely more than enough for most sim racers, and it features Asetek's fantastic QR, for quick & easy wheel changes.

The Asetek Forte Direct Drive Wheelbase is another part of the growing Asetek ecosystem, along with their Forte Formula Steering Wheel and their Forte GT Steering Wheels which are highly recommended.

There are many highlights of the Forte Direct Drive wheelbase, particularly is the wireless (wire-free) connectivity between the wheelbase and the steering wheel. Asetek did not want to rely on a wired steering wheel (wires are messy, clunky and can even limit the amount of steering lock applied), and they didn't want to rely on bluetooth signal which can be unreliable; using their ingenuity, Asetek have channeled the connectivity for their steering wheels through the wheelbase's QR.

Furthermore, Asetek have also routed the charging for their steering wheels through the wheelbase!

So with the Asetek Forte Direct Drive wheelbase, you don't need to worry about battery life, connectivity issues or messy cables from your steering wheel - all the connectiving and charging is routed through the wheelbase's QR, to give you a seamless racing experience.

The Asetek Forte wheelbase has 4 adjustable RGB LED lights. The 22-bit encoder housed within the wheelbase is accurate to increments of 0.000085 degrees, so you can be assured of absolute precision with your inputs.

Currently the Asetek Forte Direct Drive wheelbase is only compatible with PC.
Asetek are working on implementing console compatibility but there is no confirmed date for this.

If you want more information on the Asetek wheelbases, their CEO André explains their range of wheelbases fantastically in this video:


Manufacturer description - Asetek SimSports® Forte® Direct Drive Wheelbase:

We welcome you to full immersion sim racing! 

When we set out to develop our range of direct drive wheelbases, we wanted to develop the best sim racing wheelbases on the market measured on all parameters but without breaking the bank. We had greater aspirations than just reselling a standard industrial servo motor and then trying to adapt everything else around it. It was a tough task but like with our award-winning pedals and steering wheels, we started from a clean sheet.  

We bought and implemented IP from market-leading vendors, we teamed up with Mige, a well-known motor supplier to sim racing, and after years of development of grounds-up electronics, software, firmware, mechanics, cooperation, design, test, and validation, we are now ready! Please meet the Invicta™ 27Nm, the 18Nm Forte® and the 12Nm upgradable La Prima™ wheelbases. Please note, the La Prime wheelbase is only available from Asetek directly.
True to the spirit of our other products, at Asetek SimSports®, you will get the same quality, durability, engineering excellence – and most importantly – the same user experience, independent of whether you buy our entry-level La Prima™ series or our top-tier Invicta™ products. Each wheelbase from 12-27Nm features a high-end 22-bit encoder, slipring, and electronics providing an unrivaled driving experience, leaving cogging and lagging in ancient history. All vital parts are of course made of aluminium and steel. 

All Asetek SimSports® wheelbases provide smooth, super responsive, and precise feedback to the driver, where you will feel even the smallest bumps and curbs on the road. As an example - each of our wheelbases has a resolution of 0.000085 degrees or roughly 4,000,000 steps in just one revolution of the wheel! In other words, with an Asetek SimSports® wheelbase, you do not have to choose between a true high-fidelity driver experience and a low price. You can get it all! 

As all wheelbases are designed from the ground up, we have been able to develop an extremely compact and flexible form factor accommodating any rig and need. The wheelbase will serve as the central hub in your simulator, where you can connect your Asetek SimSports® pedals, wheels and future peripherals with up to 5 USB-S ports in the rear.  

In its simplest mounting form (default from factory), the bases come with T-nuts pre-installed in bottom groves enabling the motor to slide back and forth in your rig without installing long and expensive steering wheel spacers that ultimately can compromise the life and reliability of your wheelbase. For all wheelbases, we have developed mounting options for any rig ranging from a table clamp solution, bottom mount, side mount and all the way to our integrated front mounts. 
Many sim racers love to tinker with and show off their great rig, and therefore we have implemented up to six fully customizable aRGB LED strips - allowing you to match your wheelbase to the rest of your Asetek SimSports® equipment, team colors, or even the color of your fireproof racing underwear! Everything is managed by our central software RaceHub ™, which is also the home for your wheelbase, where you, in addition to all your other Asetek SimSports® equipment, can adjust the base and driving experience exactly to your preference! 


All Asetek SimSports® wheelbases feature our own quick release that is as easy to use as shifting gears – literally, as to disconnect the wheel from the base, all you have to do is to press a paddle, and the wheel will be in your hands! Needless to say, we are not relying on wireless signals, batteries that need to be charged or cables that can break or fall off. Everything is included in our easy-to-use no-play quick release.  
We do realize that many sim racers have personal preferences for their steering wheel and instead of locking you into a specific eco-system, we have teamed up with a number of leading wheel vendors that will offer native support for the Asetek SimSports® Direct Drive wheelbases, meaning you can rest assured that you will be buying into a flexible and ever-expanding ecosystem. 


Wheelbase Specs 

Tech specs

  • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic Danish industrial design 
  • Made in Denmark 
  • Anodized extruded aluminum housing 
  • Direct Drive Force Feedback 
  • Max torque 18Nm peak/holding*
  • Peak Slew rate: 6.7 Nm/ms
  • Encoder resolution: 22bit / 0.000085 degrees / 4,000,000 steps 
  • 4x21 Programmable RGB LEDs that can be adjusted, dimmed or completely turned off in Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ 
  • Asetek Simsports® Quick Release 
  • 400W power supply 
  • Slipring designed and tested to +200.000.000 activations 

    *All Asetek’s wheelbases are built grounds up with sim racing applications in mind. Holding torque is defined as up to 40 seconds continuously, which covers even the most extreme sweeper curves etc. ranging from rally to oval and road racing.


Software Features

  • Setup and save profile presets – Customize your settings to fit your car, track and conditions 
  • Adjust steering range, bumpstop hardness and bumpstop range 
  • Adjust Overall Force, Basic Damping and Basic Smoothing 


Height:  133 mm
Width:  132 mm
Length (Incl. Quick Release):  293 mm
Weight:  8.5 kg