R-Mouse Shelf

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Our R-Mouse Shelf is a complete kit that includes a threaded 80x40 mounting profile anodised black, a bespoke mouse plate and all fixings.

A great addition to your R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig.

R-Mouse Shelf Accessory

This is a great addition to your R-PRO sim rig rig, the R-Mouse Shelf is a convenient and useful mounting shelf for your gaming mouse.

The R-Mouse Shelf includes a 300mm 8040 profile (anodized black color) that can be attached to either left or right hand side of your rig,  as well as a bespoke mouse plate measuring 240x200mm, finished in black color. The profile has threaded holes, so  attaching the mouse plate to the profile involves simply fastening 2 bolts!

What's included | R-Mouse Shelf

Everything you need to install the R-Mouse Shelf is included in the box:

  • 300mm length 80x40mm aluminium profile with tapped holes, anodised black colour
  • 240mm x 200mm steel mouse pedal plate finished in black colour
  • All fixings and connectors (black corner brackets, T-nuts, black bolts, black washers)

Pairs perfectly with the R-PRO Black Edition

The R-Shifter Profile was designed to be used with the R-PRO Black Edition Sim Racing Cockpit.

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