The below page applies to Upshift brand products (our sim rigs, seats, monitor stands, accessories etc). Products manufactured by different brands and sold by Upshift will have different warranty terms and they should be sought out separately.

Customer service and satisfaction is paramount to Upshift, which is why we proudly retain very high customer feedback scores. Our products are manufactured and designed without compromise, to be the best on the market at their respective price points. To cover off any unexpected situations, Upshift provides a 2 year manufacturer warranty for our sim rigs, seats, monitor stands and accessories. The warranty period commences from the day of delivery. We doubt we'll ever hear from you about this, but knowing the warranty cover is there gives you peace of mind.

For warranty claims, please email with your Order number and description/evidence of the fault in the email (written description/images).
We will perform any preliminary troubleshooting/rectifications and if unsuccessful, we will then process the return to validate the fault.

Below, you will find more details about what the warranty covers, exclusions, and the process.


What Our Warranty Covers

  • Materials missing from the products at the time of delivery;
  • Defects in the manufacturing of materials or workmanship used for the products at the time of delivery;
  • Major defects in the functionality of the products such as:
    • Steel component failure
    • Aluminium frame failure
    • Seat slider mechanism failure
    • Tilt mechanism failure
    • Recline mechanism failure

What Our Warranty Does NOT Cover

  • Wear and tear, this is normal and expected over the course of ownership, such as:
    • Degradation of upholstery
    • Degradation of pillows & lumbar support
    • Degradation of stitching
    • Degradation of fibreglass appearance
    • Damage to plastic coverings
  • Commercial or business use;
  • Products that were not installed, used, or maintained in accordance with product instructions and warnings;
  • Any minor misalignments, variations arising out of hand-made workmanship;
  • Any damages that have been caused by accident, abuse, misuse;
  • Any causes which does not relate to a product defect in materials or workmanship;
  • Any issues which occur due to modifications or attachments to the product which are not approved by Upshift.

Please note that the removal or defacement of any serial numbers or warranty stickers will void all warranty on the product.


Limited Warranty

Any repair or replacement determined valid under the Upshift warranty will be sent to the address of the original purchaser, with the repair/replacement cost and shipping cost borne by Upshift. Components replaced under this warranty may vary in colour, texture and size to the original, and where applicable assembly of parts may be required.

Any products requiring replacement due to any of the exclusions will be at the purchasers expense. Upshift reserves the right to decide whether a component should be repaired or replaced. Such replacement or repair is offered by Upshift at its sole discretion, to the extent permitted under applicable UK consumer law, all parts replaced or repaired under this warranty shall be warranted for the remainder of the original Warranty Period, or 30 days, whichever is longer.

Please note that any tampering or counterfeit products, colour-fastness or matching of colours, grains, or textures of covering materials will not be covered under warranty.  Upshift does not warrant the colour fastness or matching of colours, grains, or textures of covering materials.  In addition Upshift reserves the right to refuse warranty claims against products that show any of the following listed in the exclusions.  All returns and refund decisions by Upshift shall be final.

This warranty will end immediately if the product becomes defective as a consequence of misuse, lack of proper care and maintenance.