Complete Sim Package - Professional


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Our Expert Sim Racers designed this Professional Sim Package to provide the best value for money sim racing equipment that offers highly realistic performance whilst keeping the costs as low as possible. This package is excellent for the those who want their sim racing to be as close as possible to the real thing, whilst using the best value for money equipment, that is both affordable yet very capable.

Please note: this package setup we have priced is our recommended setup based on a fixed budget, however every part of the setup can be fully customized to your preference.
If you would prefer to change specific parts of the setup, we are happy to do this, so please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

If your budget is higher then we recommend also adding motion actuators to your rig, for ultimately simulation immersion. These can be added at a later date however, so we recommend firstly starting with this package and then adding the actuators in the near future.

The table below outlines the contents of the Complete Sim Package - Professional - for full details on each product, click on the blue product name text and it will take you to the full product page.


Sim Rig Trak Racer TR16 with Asetek SimSports Front Mount

RS1 Recline Seat

Alternatively, upgrade to any Sparco seat for additional charge.


Asetek Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase 27Nm

Steering Wheel

Asetek Forte Formula Steering Wheel OR 

Asetek Forte Button Box with Round Comfort+ Wheel Rim

Pedals Asetek Invicta S-Series Hydraulic Pedals with Long Travel Kit & Elastomer Kit

Samsung Odyssey G95C 240Hz Ultrawide 49" Monitor 1ms

Monitor Stand R-Single Monitor Stand
Gaming PC Upshift Gaming PC High-level or equivalent

Sim Rig - Trak Racer TR160 is a very strong & versatile aluminium profile sim rig, finished in matte black.

Comes with the bespoke wheel mount & pedal plate for optimal mounting of your selected wheelbase and pedals. The perfect choice for a sim racing setup.

Seat - choice either the RS1 Recline Seat (a sports seat like you'll find in a hot hatch road car) or GTS Bucket Seat (a race-car inspired bucket seat)

Alternatively, you can upgrade to a different seat (such as a Sparco seat) or a seat can be removed altogether if you already have one.

Wheelbase -

this package includes the fantastic Asetek SimSports Invicta Direct Drive Wheelbase with phenomenal 27Nm peak torque, providing crisp & clear feedback through its very powerful Direct Drive motor, richly detailed feedback that you can feel through your wheel and helps you bring your sim racing experience so much closer to racing in reality.

Steering Wheel
 - this package includes either the Asetek Forte Formula Steering Wheel or the Asetek Forte GT Button Box with your choice of one of their GT Wheel Rims. Both feature Asetek's fantastic Quick Release system featuring wireless connectivity, magnetic paddle shifters & a plethora of buttons and rotaries.

- this package includes the Asetek 

SimSports Invicta Hydraulic Pedals, market-leading premium hydraulic pedals designed to replicate real GT3 race car braking performance.

Additionally, we include both the Long Travel Kit & Elastomer Kit to provide maximum adjustability in the amount of travel and firmness of the brake pedal.

Display -

this package includes the

Samsung Odyssey G95C Ultrawide 49" Gaming Monitor 240Hz and 1ms response time; 1000R curvature, ultra-fast refresh rate and low input times, the large curved monitor gives you maximum immersion and fantastic display resolution.

For a £200 surcharge, get the LG C2 OLED 48" display providing an exquisite and fluid image with a conventional 16:9 aspect ratio.

Monitor Stand
- this package includes the R-Single Monitor Stand, a floor stand that can be positioned anywhere around your rig, ideal for people who will want to fine-tune the position of their display. 

Alternatively, for a £100 surcharge, get a cockpit-mounted monitor stand that attaches directly to your sim rig.

Gaming PC
- our mid-Level PC, offering high-performance whilst maintaining balance between performance and cost.

The PC specs can also be customised to your requirements if preferred.