GTS Sim Racing Bucket Seat

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GTS Bucket Seat for Racing Simulators

The GTS is our best selling bucket seat for sim racing, because it balances comfort, style and is very well priced - the perfect combination with your R-PRO Sim Rig. The GTS Seat was designed this seat specifically to be mounted to the R-PRO and, again in keeping with our ethos of convenience, the GTS Racing Seat mounts directly to the R-PRO rig via the included side mounting seat brackets, and there is also a dual-locking seat slider for quick and easy adjustments back-and-forth .

The GTS is a bucket seat similar to what you find in racing cars, so it's perfect for sim racers wanting to enhance their immersion into the racing world. Being a bucket seat, the GTS is a fixed fibreglass shell with deep, fixed bolsters that grip you in place and enhance the authenticity of your sim racing setup, giving you the impression you're sitting in a real racing car seat! These deep bolsters are perfect for immersing yourself in sim racing, however if you are a larger build then you may find the GTS is too small, because there is no give in these fixed bolsters. 

Regarding seat sizing, the GTS is a medium-large size seat, suitable for a wide range of users up to 1.98 meters (6 foot 6 inches) height and 36-inch waist! We have also produced a sizing diagram for your convenience.

If you are 2 meters or taller, or a 37-inch waist or above, please consider an alternate seat, as bucket seats like our GTS have fixed bolsters for an authentic racing experience, but for larger individuals these bolsters will be restrictive. 

The GTS Bucket Seat is fully compatible with our R-PRO Black Edition Sim Rig, and includes a set of universal side mount seat brackets and a dual-locking seat slider.
The GTS attaches to the sim rig by side mount seat brackets which are included in the box. These seat brackets have multiple holes, allowing you to adjust both the height of the rear/front of the seat and the inclination of the seat.
A dual-locking seat slider is included, providing you with quick and easy adjustments backwards or forwards, enabling you and anyone else who uses it to get a suitable driving position.

The GTS has a comfortable fabric upholstery, so you'll be comfortable while racing in clothes (or not!). The rear of the seat is naked fiberglass, with a smooth & shiny finish it has a striking and purposeful appearance, adding to the overall race-car aesthetic. The front of the seat has the Upshift logo carefully embroidered below the headrest, and contrast stitching is used to create a luxurious and elegant color scheme that emphasizes its racing intentions.